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The Solution for Cold Logistics of Small Loads

In the dynamic realm of cold chain logistics, innovation and efficiency are the driving forces behind successful operations. FreshKube emerges as a frontrunner, revolutionizing the industry with its groundbreaking solutions that enhance the transportation and storage of perishable goods. With its visionary approach and unwavering commitment to excellence, FreshKube is reshaping the way we think about cold chain logistics.
FreshKube key features cold chain logistics

In the following article, we will dive into the key features that set FreshKube apart and its potential to revolutionize the industry. With the ever-growing demand for fresh produce and temperature-sensitive products, the need for a reliable and versatile logistics solution has never been greater. FreshKube rises to the challenge by introducing a range of key features designed to optimize efficiency, maximize space utilization, and ensure product integrity throughout the supply chain.


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FreshKube's Key Features

Here are the key features that make FreshKube a game-changer in the world of cold chain logistics:

1. Enable Other Transportation Options:

FreshKube's innovative system can be seamlessly adapted to nontraditional food transportation vehicles such as small vans or flat platforms. This capability allows FreshKube to convert any freight vehicle into a reefer and transform almost any flat surface into an efficient cold storage facility. The flexibility provided by FreshKube opens up new possibilities for transporting perishable goods, enabling businesses to leverage existing resources while maintaining optimal product quality.

2. Maximize Utilization with Stackability:

FreshKube revolutionizes space utilization through its unique Lego-like structure. With the ability to be double-stacked independently of the produce being loaded, FreshKube optimizes storage capacity and efficiency. Multiple layers of FreshKubes can be easily stacked, transforming any space into an immediate cold-storage facility, even in remote locations. This feature maximizes efficiency, reduces costs, and minimizes waste.

3. Enable Individual Traceability for Precise Monitoring:

FreshKube ensures complete control and transparency throughout the supply chain with its individual traceability feature. Each FreshKube container is equipped with a dedicated tracing module that monitors crucial parameters such as location, temperature, humidity level, and atmospheric conditions. This real-time monitoring allows for precise control and ensures that products are maintained under the ideal conditions for their safe transportation and storage. The result is enhanced product quality, reduced spoilage, and improved customer satisfaction.

4. Easy to Handle as a Regular Pallet:

FreshKube's design prioritizes ease of handling and adaptability. With dimensions similar to a regular pallet, FreshKube can be seamlessly integrated into existing warehouse processes and handled using standard equipment. Produce boxes can be loaded directly or placed on a small pallet inside the FreshKube, facilitating smooth operations and seamless transportation. This user-friendly approach streamlines logistics processes, saves time, and reduces the risk of damage to the goods.

5. Electrical Central Power Unit:

FreshKube's innovative design incorporates an electrical central power unit that can operate with external AC input or an internal battery bank. This feature reduces emissions and carbon footprint, promoting sustainability in cold chain logistics. By reducing energy consumption, FreshKube contributes to cost savings and aligns with the growing global focus on environmentally conscious practices.

6. Reduce Energy Consumption:

FreshKube offers cost-saving alternatives to whole reefers for moving small loads. Its energy-efficient design ensures optimal performance even for partial loads, consuming less energy compared to a regular reefer container. By reducing energy consumption, FreshKube contributes to cost savings and promotes sustainability in cold chain logistics.

7. Reduce Food Waste:

FreshKube addresses the critical issue of food waste. By introducing crops in-situ, immediately after harvest, significant post-harvest waste can be minimized. Estimates suggest that between 13% to 38% of perishable foods are wasted before reaching the end user. FreshKube's ability to provide energy access and reliable refrigeration infrastructure helps reduce this wastage, ensuring that more food reaches consumers and less is lost along the supply chain.

8. No Need for Whole Reefers:

FreshKube efficiently conditions from one to many containers connected to an adaptable central refrigeration unit. This eliminates the need for whole reefers, offering a more flexible and scalable solution. With FreshKube, precise temperature control and optimal storage conditions are achieved without the necessity of large-scale refrigeration equipment.



FreshKube's innovative features and solutions have the potential to revolutionize cold chain logistics. With enhanced efficiency, adaptability, reduced food waste, and a commitment to sustainability, FreshKube is transforming the industry.

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