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A gamechanger in the
direct-to-consumer perishable logistics

A FreshKube is a Lego-like container that converts almost any truck into an efficient,
refrigerated, capacity-sharing storage vehicle.

Want to learn more about how to save on refrigerated logistics?

From farm-to-consumer faster

Handle smaller loads even if they require different conditions.

Want to ship 30 different products under 30 different conditions in just one truck? FreshKube is based on an innovative refrigeration system that enables a trailer to provide individual temperatures and conditions to each FreshKube being transported. 

FreshKubes enable capacity sharing of a container among multiple conveyances that may contain several product types under different transportation conditions.

FK Parts

Why FreshKube?

Aggregate perishable products from different producers at full-truck logistics costs; enabling even small producer in the burgeoning direct-to-consumer markets with their own brands, traceable and customized products.

This also allows the fully verifiable, pristine, unopened, fully traceable journey from producer to consumer and provides significant energy savings, particularly for partial loads.

How we do it?

A FreshKube can store for transportation smaller quantities of a produce. The environment for each FreshKube would be independently controlled and isolated from the rest.

The contents and environment history of each FreshKube would be traceable, thus allowing the aggregation of small harvests from different growers and to considerably reduce the cost of first mile logistics.

A farmer only gets ~$0.20 out of every $1.00 spent in produce

FreshKube enables direct farm-to-consumer logistics with benefits for both farmers and consumers.

The benefits of FreshKube


Smaller independent loads

So you don't worry about FTL underutilization.


Full traceability

To track location and temperature.


Controlled environment

Setup in every FreshKube for every product.


Reduce logistics costs

By reducing steps and increasing utilization.


When full truck loads do not work for you, the features of FreshKube will enable efficient logistics with no hassle.


1 Truck FK

No need for whole reefers

2 stacked

Can be stacked to maximize utilization


Enable individual traceability

4 pallet

Easy to handle as a regular pallet

Our Partners

FreshKube is possible thanks to the valuable effort of all our partners.

  • ASU
  • NSF
  • City of Phoenix
  • Skysong

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